Sri Ambabhavani Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd.

The bank was opening the in the year 22-07-1996 and business stated in the year 28-04-1997. Today the bank 28 years successful running. The bank is opened five community.

The five community leaders are Mr. J. Ganesh Rao, Shri A. Ramachandra Rao, Mr. Laxman Rao Ekbote, Mr. Kalburgi, Mr. N.G. Narshekar, Mr. E. Kalingappa, Mr. Hanumanthappa Ksheersagara, Mr. G.M.Chandra Rao Heartfelt thanks to all the members who directly and indirectly contributed to the organization founded and many other great leaders. Our goal is to provide good service to the members and customers of the bank and the bank is becoming successful running day by day.

Our bank has been in business for a long period of 28 years. Today our bank has completed 28 years and entered 29 years. The main reason for our bank to act as a bridge of social relations by adopting modern technology and providing fast and accurate services in accordance with today's competitive era, and acting as a bridge of social relations as Customer’s -friendly, is the transparent management of the board of directors.

By already ruling the bank co re banking, RTGS, NEFT, SMS, etc. services and gaining trust and success, the bank has achieved Rs. 31,75,771.33 (Rs. Thirty One Lakh Seventy Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy One Rupees Thirty Three Paise) profit out of which only 6,50,000,00/- (Rupees Six Lakh Fifty Thousand Rupees) was paid to the Income Tax Department. Rs. 25,25,771.33/- (Rs. Twenty five lakhs twenty five thousand seven hundred and seventy one rupees thirty hundred paise) net profit.